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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Dvd 2/10 See The Whole, Complete, Holographic Fractal Story Right Before...

Double Agents Surround You

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13 Cryptocurrency Exchanges With The Lowest Fees • Blocklr

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Shiba Inu

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The world is a stage... and we all are actors! - Oman Observer

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The world is a stage... and we all are actors! - Oman Observer

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

The whole pie!

This explains everything,,, from time loops to division to whatever..

1 we are cut from source, aka we split the matrix of the womb and drop down in time cycles and division

2 we as pieces of the whole, are being cut and turned back to source oneness, and wholeness which is in Christ Alone

3 the reason there is division & time, is because.... that is all the flesh mind knows

4 it is a meta psyop reverse mind game God is playing on us to force us to be birthed out of the ai flesh mind of division back to oneness and wholeness,,,,  but in reality He is not playing a game, but to the flesh mind it feels like the whole thing is a whirlwind game, but in reality the God of truth is contrary to us because we start out in delusions and lies of the system.

5 so as we get pushed to face to face with our own junk, we can get saved by faith in Him Jesus as a way back to wholeness

6 the process of sanctification wholeness slowly breaks apart time and space into oneness with God,, but our bodies aka shios are stuck in time

7 so we learn to walk by faith not by sight

8 so each object or person is also from source, but divided therefore those pieces help push us back to source

9 division is used to cut, turn, and birth in that spiritual baby, which is outside space/time, back into wholeness

10 then we just rest, and wait, and serve others helping them get whole through Christ via teachings for the inner man renewal by his spirit

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Phonics Proof that God create Languages

Subject: Phonics Miracle in Language

Hear === here

You can only hear when here.
Being in here mode allows hearing.
If you are not here, you can not hear.
Can you hear me?
Then you are here or present to hear.

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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Gain The World But Loose Your Soul? What good is it?

You Are At War Right Now!

How To Make A 4 Block Rocket Stove

“Hang On… Fast Food Does WHAT Now?!” This Is SHOCKING

The Truth About Day Trading


H2OT - Roof top, pressurized, solar heated shower/sprayer using ABS pipe

Watch "Endless hot water without electricity!" on YouTube

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

2424. Iésous

Iésous: Jesus or Joshua, the name of the Messiah, also three other Isr. Original Word: Ἰησοῦς, οῦ, ὁ Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: Iésous Phonetic Spelling: (ee-ay-sooce') Definition: Jesus or Joshua, the name of the Messiah, also three other Isr Usage: Jesus; the Greek form of Joshua; Jesus, son of Eliezer; Jesus, surnamed Justus. 2424 Iēsoús – Jesus, the transliteration of the Hebrew term, 3091 /Lṓt ("Yehoshua"/Jehoshua, contracted to "Joshua") which means "Yahweh saves" (or "Yahweh is salvation"). "Jesus Christ" is properly "Jesus the Christ." "Jesus" (2424 /Iēsoús) is His human name, as the incarnate, eternal Son of God (Mt 1:21,25, see also Lk 1:31) – the Christ, the divine Messiah (the second Person of the holy Trinity). [Christ (His title) means "the Anointed One" (the eternal pre-incarnate, Logos, Jn 1:1-18).]

The Best Portable Shower (DIY or Buy It From Me)

American SHOCKS Strangers by Speaking Their Language! - Omegle

Covered Straddle No Risk

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Everything follows some kind of pattern,,,
So therefore there is a creator...
Without a pattern, nothing could exist...
Language has a pattern as well...
Words, script, everything to do with language follows a pattern..
To de.scribe anything you must use words.
So words are the root pattern.
Jesus is the Word Logos.

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Watch "JUST IN: SC Gov Issues Exec Order Barring Agencies From Issuing Or Enforcing Biden Vaccine Mandate" on YouTube

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Fruit Loops, New Mandela

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Good Info Link on the Hive Mind!

Who woulda thought i would like blogger better than any other service!

Yes they shut down http and https and moved it to an ip link instead,, but that is ok,, seems to be easier to upload the truth and spread it to many more channels................................... The goal is to reach as many people possible with faith alone in Jesus alone... so it is what it is,................ No need to spend so many hours online,, can work and do my stuff and stay in relax mode.................................. This is probably the best system in the long run,......... I have downloaded most the videos and audios, so now i just need to burn them to a dvd and or cd... then i can add them to the store for a hard copy saved edition .................. My suggestion is for you to download any video or audio to a hard drive, because they will attack me again because they must as hive agents it is their role in the scroll..........................



Scalping: An effective and highly profitable trading strategy

"Robinhood" Decoded!

Robinhood stole from the rich to give to the poor!
1)He wore a hood 2)He robbed people! aka .... "Rob in a hood" Robin hood! Now you are waking up neo! ---------------------------- The figure of Reynard is thought to have originated in Lorraine folklore from where it spread to France, Germany, and the Low Countries.[4] An extensive treatment of the character is the Old French Le Roman de Renart written by Pierre de Saint-Cloud around 1170, which sets the typical setting. Reynard has been summoned to the court of king Noble, or Leo, the lion, to answer charges brought against him by Isengrim the wolf. Other anthropomorphic animals, including Bruin the bear, Baldwin the ass, and Tibert (Tybalt) the cat, all attempt one stratagem or another. The stories typically involve satire whose usual butts are the aristocracy and the clergy, making Reynard a peasant-hero character.[4] The story of the preaching fox found in the Reynard literature was used in church art by the Catholic Church as propaganda against the Lollards.[5] Reynard's principal castle, Maupertuis, is available to him whenever he needs to hide away from his enemies. Some of the tales feature Reynard's funeral, where his enemies gather to deliver maudlin elegies full of insincere piety, and which feature Reynard's posthumous revenge. Reynard's wife Hermeline appears in the stories, but plays little active role, although in some versions she remarries when Reynard is thought dead, thereby becoming one of the people he plans revenge upon. Isengrim (alternate French spelling: Ysengrin) is Reynard's most frequent antagonist and foil, and generally ends up outwitted, though he occasionally gets revenge.

Narcissists Are At War With Reality *NEW*

The Revealing of Jesus is Encoded In All Earthly Activities!

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Monday, November 8, 2021

Hit counter being blocked on cell version!

They block every avenue they can!
This place is run by an ai demon for sure!
Who can make war with the beast?
Their only goal is to wear out the saints!

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30,000 hits on my server before they hacked my system

They did a fake 401 error code..
Took my and blocked it because i didnt have https on their agent sites.
Free ssl is not on their agenda.
They want you to pay the devil 250.00 per year to have ssl aka https..
So i converted over to blogger..
30,000 hits in a few months scared the tarnation out of them..

Tar.nation == fleshmind.birthing

They do not want you to see the real creation code!

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Call no man father, master, rabbi

Jesus said that and revealed the magician priestclass in that one statement.
Jesuits, Masons, Kabbalist fake jews

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Google, Godaddy & Corporate System All Conspiring Together!

Don't think it's not happening..
The free mason system hates faith alone in Jesus alone!
They are the modern day pharisee's

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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Hospitals Across Western World Filled to Capacity With New Mystery Illnesses

I cured my Dry Eyes by Castor oil

Dry Eyes Natural Remedies - Dry Eye Home Remedy

The ai Flesh Mind Is Babylon!

Being Persecuted As The Elect!

Being persecuted because you are the elect!
I've seen it all my whole life, even before i got saved.
Had no clue why i was being attacked, except for a common denominator.
The ones attacking seemed to be drug related people, either in secret or open.
They also seemed to be religious outwardly but no inward life or awareness.
Agents from bloodline, to marriage, to church member, to neighbor, to coworker, to girlfriend, to strangers on the internet. They all seemed to be under the influence of a hidden hand with the same agenda. Their goal was to steal, kill, and destroy any which way they could, while looking like the good guys, or pretending to be the elect, but the whole time, having murder in their heart.
They couldn't get me to conform to their will , or fake reality,  or evil, putting them up on a pedastal, or calling them out on their hypocrisy, so they revert back to persecution mode.
The weird part is, that they can not stop, and that same spirit jumps on all of them. I have seen people who were cool with you, all of a sudden change, realizing your wife was spreading lies to get them to attack you via a proxy war, while the whole time you had an enemy in your own house saying they loved you. Total mind game psyop!
The biggest kicker is that, they need you but they hate you at the same time. They really are walking contradictions. Totally sold out as two faced liars to the hilt!
Took me a long time to figure out the 2 face agenda, but it is simply people pleasing and  telling you what you want to hear, to achieve some hidden agenda goal..
They are very sick in their heart of hearts!

To be continued...

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